Many people have the ability to sing and put on a fantastic show. Some can go on stage and wow the audience by their vocal ability. Others entertain by presenting shows full of energy and passion. What if you have all that and more in one blessed young man? Josh Oldaker is that young man. Read further and discover the background of this talented young artist.

His first appearance wasn’t the Grand Ol’ Opry or a sold out stadium packed full of fans. Josh’s journey started on a slab of concrete in his parents’ garage at the tender age of four. As Josh grew, so did his talent. In 2005, his proud parents were in the audience cheering him on as he stepped out to open the stage for his first major group, Sugarland. Later, Josh would open for such names as Phil Stacy, Shannon Brown, and Restless Heart.

In the winter of 2009, Josh shared the dream of a 50 state tour entitled Heal Me. This tour, however, would not be an ordinary one. Some questioned how such a tour would be possible without a big record label, a booking agent, or a major sponsor. Josh relied solely on his faith in God that it would be possible. January 2010, he packed up his Dodge Stratus with 215,000 miles and set out on a journey that would take him all over the United States. This experience changed his life forever.

The tour was a huge success which came as no surprise to Josh; he felt with the Lord guiding him it would be perfect. Even with 80 different venues in just over a year, Josh found time to get married to the love of his life. Together, they are now looking forward to the next part of his journey.

With a well-rounded country-gospel music repertoire, Josh’s performance is something that the whole family will appreciate. With an energetic style that has people asking his wife “Is he like this all the time?” and a God-given vocal talent, you will be treated to an unforgettable show. If you enjoy good old-fashioned fun and yearn for the memories of your favorite hymns, this will be a performance you’re sure to treasure.